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John Barrett Art

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About John Barrett Art...

John Barrett grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana.  He has served on staff at churches in Indiana, Tennessee and Oklahoma. John is a gifted speakermusicianwriterblogger, pastor, leadership coach, husband, father, and ARTIST.  

   I became interested in art as an adult. I never enjoyed painting until that point. It seemed, "too hard to get the brush to do what it was supposed to do".  But one day my wife and I came across an old VHS tape called, "The Joy of Painting" by Bob Ross, and it changed our perspectives forever.   

   I heard Bob say over and over again, "anyone can do this at home." After about the 4th episode I bought into this idea!  By the last episode I was ready to paint. Excitement got the best of me and I made a late not shopping trip to purchase some inexpensive acrylic paint and tiny craft brushes. I was ready to go!....or so I thought.  I made the absolute worst painting I had ever seen in my life, followed by a few more of the same caliber (see paintings 1 and 2 below).  Remembering Bob's words and not wanting to give up, I decided that if I could just get the right tools for the job I could have a real shot at this. And I did. Soon after that evening I invested in all of these tools.  Proper paints, brushes, canvases, etc...... What a difference this made! I guess the right tools really do matter. I was able to create something that I was really proud of (see painting 3 below).  

  So began my journey into the world of art.....and of teaching art.  Every time friends would visit I would take them out into my "studio" and make invite them to paint a picture.  My excitement for my new hobby was too much to keep all to myself.  I would walk them through the steps and techniques with fantastic results. My friends would be shocked that they could create something like they did without ever having painted before, and I loved to see their glow. Since that time I have begun teaching classes and developing videos to help people become the artists they've always wanted to be. If I can do it, you can too, trust me!  Let me help you get the right tools for your journey into the world of art!  Thanks for visiting my online studio.

John's first & second paintings, followed by his first painting with the "right tools"...